It’s Christmas time which means you’ll be rubbing your hands in glee at the prospect of increased sales – hopefully, yes but not always. Here are some thoughts you may want to consider to attract more customers to your restaurant this holiday season.

 Put your menu on the website

Make sure your menu is promoted on your homepage with a link to ‘book a table’ so people can book straight away. If you have a customer database, send them an email with the menu and a link to your bookings.

Use social media

Promote your menu with photos of the food. You may wish to do a photo shoot so it looks festive and more appealing. Talk about the quality of the food and where it comes from if this is something you can promote.

Hold a competition

Use Instagram or Facebook to hold a competition where a local office can win a Christmas lunch for six people on the house. This will be shared by everyone who enters and can promote your menu to more people.

 Offer an early bird treat

If you are struggling to get bookings, you can offer an early bird treat – for instance, a complimentary cake for the table if booked before a certain date.

 Promote Restaurant Gift Card Sales

Gift cards and certificates offer an easy way for your customers to gift your delicious food to their loved ones. An easy method to improve gift card sales during this time is to offer customers an extra incentive with the purchase of a gift card.

 Forward a helping hand 

The spirit of giving is in the air during the holidays, and customers might be more likely to patronize your business if they know that their meal helps contribute to a worthy cause. Try choosing a specific menu item, as a special holiday dish, and let customers know that a percentage of the profits from those dishes will go to a specific charity. Another option would be to devote a whole evening to give and promise to set aside a portion of the proceeds from the entire dinner to your favorite cause. No matter how you choose to set it up, giving is sure to put customers in a cheery, holiday mood while getting new people to try your food.

One more thing-Consider staying open on Holidays

You can provide a memorable experience for each guest by embracing the holiday spirit and season, encouraging your customers to entertain, offering high-profile holiday events and giving diners a wide selection of traditional and special holiday fare.



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