Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

So how do you get them to walk through your doors? Spread the word about how great your restaurant is? Choose you over the restaurant next door?

Here are some strategies for staying competitive when it comes to Social Media.

 You could have the perfect lighting, the most thoughtful caption, the most delicious looking plate, but if you’re not using social media tools effectively, those efforts are all for naught. I mean…there’s nothing more depressing than a like-less picture.

While most of us have enough social savvy to avoid big social media blunders, what about the small errors that separate successful social media strategies from unsuccessful ones? Indeed, the devil’s in the details when it comes to the small mistakes that hit your restaurant where it hurts. In this article, we’ll shed some light on the little things that could be impacting your social media strategy and how to fix them.

 Inconsistent Storytelling or Voice

Maybe one day you’re speaking from ‘I’ and the next day you’re saying, ‘we’ and then the next day you’re using colloquial language – maybe even tossing in a swear word or two – and the next day you’re being extremely formal. One question: WHO ARE YOU?!

For a brand looking to establish trust and stand out from the crowd, your brand’s personality needs to be singular and consistent.

  Missed Branding Opportunities

Repeat after me: put your logo in it…subtly. By discreetly showcasing your brand in the images you post, you’ll be able to gain logo recognition while you subtly remind your audience who made that delicious, mouth-watering burger that has blessed their newsfeeds.

 Second, creating a really great social media story. The last thing any user wants is to feel like their Instagram feed is a giant advertising forum, which leads us to our next point.

 Too Salesy/Missing the “So What”

To reduce the risk of turning your social profiles into giant classified ads for your restaurant, ask yourself these two questions:

#1: “What am I trying to prove with this post?” 
Is it that your brand is health conscious? Or your restaurant is super busy? Or it’s a great place to grab an after-work drink with friends?

#2: “What is my following getting out of this post?”

Is it a touching story of someone who proposed in your restaurant? Or an interesting fact about your featured dish? Or a recipe they can try at home?

These questions sum up your posts to help you avoid turning your social presence into a giant sales pitch.

Using Unprofessional Photos

Grainy cell phone images of food under a heat lamp might not be the most appetizing picture to post. Nor would a half-eaten raw steak, gravy, and mash – no, no. In today’s social media culture, you’ve got to curate that plate; invest in a real camera, stand up on a chair and adjust your lighting. You don’t need to be a professional to take ‘like-worthy’ photos – not everything needs to look like an advertisement. But your photos should at least look appetizing.

Failing to Interact with Customer Content

If one of your customers posts an amazing picture of their dish or shares an incredible story about their experience at your venue, ‘share it’ from the rooftops! Highlighting customer-curate content is as good as any testimonial.

It’s not just the bad press that needs attention – showing your positive customers some love is equally as important. Always like, respond, and interact with content – even it’s a simple “so glad you had a great time! We’ll see you again soon.”

 Missing Geotags

While we’ve already addressed the “who are you” question, the next one is just as important: “WHERE are you?” Geo-tags will provide the answer.

Posting Frequency

You want to get your posting game just right – not too many (or else your following is oversaturated and can become otherwise immune to your charms) and not too few (or else they might ask, who is that?)


  • Post 1-3 times per week, with the best time to post between 1-4 PM and 6-10 PM


  • Post 1-2 posts minimum, with the best time to post between 12-2PM and 7-10 PM.

 With the never-ending amount of social media best practices available at your fingertips, there’s no excuse to leave these channels untapped. Utilize the platforms available in order to give your customer base and your revenue a well-deserved boost.


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