Create Your Menu The Digital Way.

Holidays are coming , and this means more sales!

Are you a restaurateur aiming to grab as many customers as you can? Do you have much on offer, but finding difficult to reach your potential? Tired of trying various marketing strategies and presentation methods?

In recent years, online food ordering has grown rapidly to become a preferred option for many people. Besides being faster and more practical, it is also considered more convenient as it offers customers the options to browse menus, food reviews, clearly see what they are ordering and many more.

This doesn’t mean people enjoy ordering out of their couches.In reality, people still love eating out. You can even see it for yourself when you are at a mall. But the most reported complaint the restaurateurs get from customers are-They do not get what they ordered, they are unsure about the portion size, and above all, every customer loves to see what they order. This is exactly where the digital menu revolution starts.It is definitely trending as the owners themselves have been convinced on the sales hike.

Customers, especially millennial ones, cannot be separated from technology and they want to keep interacting with it even when they are eating out. This is why many restaurants have started implementing digital menus.

So what are the main benefits of digital tablet menu for restaurants:

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers don’t come to your restaurant just to enjoy the dishes that you serve but also crave a memorable fine-dining experience.

In today’s digital era, people cannot be kept away from technology, so investing in a digital tablet menu is one of the most effective ways to retain your current customers and attract new ones.

The digital tablet menu provides a unique and enjoyable customer experience to your restaurant guests through an attractive menu display and ease in adding or removing orders, calling waiters, and finding special menu choices in your restaurant.

  1. Faster Ordering Process

Your waiters only need to give the tablet to your restaurant guests and allow them to order themselves. They can view the menu of the day, the customer’s favorite menu, or the chef’s recommendations.

Your restaurant guests can also add or remove their list items and place orders in seconds. This means that you can significantly reduce wait times, thereby increasing the satisfaction of your restaurant guests.

  1. Simplified Menu & Pricing Updates

You no longer need to replace your old menu books with new ones every time there are changes in your menu items or prices. Strikethrough or cover-up tapes make your menu books look unappealing.

By using the digital tablet menu, you can update your restaurant menu in just a few seconds and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You don’t even need to be physically at your restaurant just to do it.

  1. Increased Sales Through Cross-Selling

The digital tablet menu helps you increase your sales by allowing you to promote various food and beverage items to your restaurant guests. Foods and drinks that were previously less popular or rarely ordered by guests can quickly turn out into a new favorite menu.

  1. Improved Chances of Success

Competition in the food and beverage industry is getting tighter. In order to survive and win, you have to be able to provide more value to your restaurant or cafe. If your competitors have invested in technology to automate their restaurants, then you should too.

The implementation of the digital tablet menu can help modernize your restaurant and make it more advanced than other restaurants. Your restaurant guests will very likely share the great experiences they get at your restaurant with their peers and post good reviews on Google or social media, thus increasing your restaurant ratings.



How it works

  • After connecting Cloud to your screen, you can quickly create mouth-watering digital menu boards right from your browser.
  • Add items, descriptions, images, categories, calories, and prices – your changes will appear on your screen in seconds.

It’s that simple.

And all these benefits!

  • Quickly search by name
  • Browse the menu
  • Add more items to your bill and pay
  • Call your waiter
  • Select your language
  • Schedule menus according to time
  • Intelligent layout
  • Always be up to date
  • Custom Branding

So what’s stopping you when food ordering and order taking gets this simple

Go ahead and click to get started now!



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